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Ouray, 科罗拉多州以其天然温泉和迷人的山景而闻名, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing spa getaway. Several spas in Ouray offer a wide range of services, including massages, 面部美容, body treatments, 和更多的.

Whether you're looking for a romantic retreat or a solo escape, Ouray's spa services offer something for everyone.


  • Inside of Elevate Day 水疗中心

    Elevate Day 水疗中心

    Elevate Day 水疗中心 is a top-rated spa located in the heart of Ouray, 科罗拉多州, 这提供了一系列的豪华服务,帮助客人放松和恢复活力. This spa is known for its tranquil atmosphere, professional staff, and personalized treatments that cater to each guest's specific needs. Elevate Day 水疗中心 offers a variety of services, including massages, 面部美容, 身体包裹, 打蜡, and nail treatments. 水疗中心只使用最优质的有机和天然产品,以确保客人的健康和福祉. 无论你是在寻找一个快速的呵护会议或一整天的放松, Elevate Day 水疗中心 has something for everyone. 这个水疗中心是一个完美的地方,逃离喧嚣的日常生活和沉迷于一天的自我护理.

    222 5th Ave, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-7233

  • Girl Floating in Hot Spring


    The hot springs in Ouray, CO是一个自然奇观,也是任何前往该地区的人必去的目的地. Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, 温泉是由地下流动的天然地热水提供的,温度从80到150华氏度不等. 温泉经过精心开发,形成了一系列温度可控的浸泡池, both private and public, that offer a range of therapeutic benefits. The mineral-rich water is believed to help soothe sore muscles, 减轻压力, improve circulation, and promote overall relaxation and wellness. The hot springs are surrounded by stunning mountain views, making for a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, or seeking relief from aches and 疼痛s, 乌雷的温泉提供了一个独特的和恢复活力的体验,是不容错过的.

  • Pray pose for yoga

    Ouray Adventure Center

    Staying fit and healthy is essential to make the most of your vacation. 在OAC,我们有一个专门的瑜伽和举重室来帮助你保持你的健身计划. Our experienced instructors offer yoga classes for all levels, ensuring you have a rejuvenating experience. The well-equipped weight room caters to your strength training needs, so you never have to miss a workout.

  • Person getting their arms massaged

    Ouray 温泉 Massage

    The Ouray 温泉 Massage in Ouray, CO是一种独特的体验,结合了天然温泉的治疗力量和治疗按摩. 这家水疗中心的按摩师精通各种按摩技术, including Swedish, 深层组织, and 热石 massage. They use their expertise to soothe tired muscles and ease 张力, 而温热的温泉富含矿物质的水增强了按摩的治疗效果. 整体, Ouray温泉按摩是一种将自然的治愈力量与按摩疗法的治疗益处相结合的奇妙方式.

    1220 Main St | Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 633-0309

  • 脉冲PEMF logo


    Pulsed high altitude wellness in Ouray, CO指的是一项将高海拔训练的好处与脉冲电磁场(PEMF)的治疗能力相结合的健康计划。. Ouray, located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, is an ideal location for this program, as it sits at an elevation of over 7,000英尺. 该项目的参与者在接受PEMF治疗的同时进行户外活动,如徒步旅行和山地自行车, which has been shown to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. 这种高海拔训练和PEMF疗法的结合提供了一种独特而有效的健康方法, helping participants to improve their overall health and well-being.801 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427


  • Person getting oil on their back for a massage


    圣人水疗中心在奥雷,CO是一个豪华的静修坐落在圣胡安山脉的心脏. 水疗中心提供广泛的服务,包括按摩疗法,身体治疗和面部护理. The ambiance is serene and relaxing, with soft lighting, soothing music, and the scent of essential oils filling the air. 客人将接受训练有素的治疗师的个性化体验,他们根据个人需求量身定制每种治疗方法. 水疗中心还设有温泉通道,客人可以在令人惊叹的山景中浸泡和放松. 整体, 鼠尾草水疗中心是一个完美的目的地,任何人寻求一个和平和振兴逃避在大自然的心脏.

    125 3rd Ave | Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-7118

  • Lady in Wedding Dress at 沙龙嫉妒


    沙龙嫉妒 in Ouray, CO是一家提供全方位服务的美容院,为当地人和游客提供各种美容服务. 这家沙龙为男女提供理发、造型、染发和护理服务. 此外,他们还提供指甲服务,如修指甲、足疗和凝胶指甲增强. 沙龙的工作人员是熟练和经验丰富的造型师,他们致力于为每个客户创造个性化和独特的外观. In addition to their services, 沙龙嫉妒 also sells a variety of high-quality hair and beauty products. The salon's welcoming atmosphere, professional service, 对细节的关注使它成为任何想要放纵自己或为特殊场合做准备的人的首选目的地.

    310 8th Ave, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-7324

  • Girl getting her hair blow dried


    沙龙蒙蒂是一个迷人的和欢迎沙龙位于美丽的小镇奥雷,科罗拉多州. The salon's interior is tastefully decorated with rustic elements, creating a cozy atmosphere that immediately puts clients at ease. 沙龙蒙蒂经验丰富,技术精湛的造型师提供广泛的服务, including haircuts, 着色, 样式, 和治疗方法. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or a complete hair transformation, 沙龙蒙蒂的团队致力于帮助你看起来和感觉最好.

    Located on 6th avenue

  • Person getting facial massage 皮肤炼金术


    皮肤炼金术 in Ouray, CO是一家精品护肤美容工作室,提供一系列服务和产品,旨在帮助客户获得最佳皮肤. The studio specializes in natural and organic skincare and offers 面部美容, 打蜡, lash and brow treatments, and makeup services. 皮肤炼金术的美容师与客户密切合作,制定个性化的护肤计划,以解决他们独特的问题和目标. They use only the highest quality products and ingredients, such as Eminence Organics and Farmhouse Fresh, and employ advanced techniques and technology to achieve optimal results. The studio's inviting atmosphere, combined with the expertise and professionalism of its staff, 让它成为当地人和游客的热门目的地,他们都希望增强自然美景,实现健康, 发光的皮肤.

    630 Main St, Ouray, CO 81427

    (818) 522-7273

  • ViaSana Massage & 车体 relaxation corner

    ViaSana Massage & 车体

    ViaSana Massage & 车体 in Ouray, CO是一家一流的按摩和车身工作室,为寻求缓解压力的客户提供各种治疗方法, 张力, 疼痛, and other physical or emotional discomforts. 工作室的执业按摩治疗师和车身从业人员的团队利用各种技术,包括瑞典, 深层组织, 热石, myofascial release, 以及颅骶疗法,为客户提供量身定制的有效疗程. 另外, ViaSana offers specialized services such as prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology. 他们的使命是通过满足客户的特定需求和偏好,帮助他们实现平衡和健康. The studio's serene and inviting atmosphere, combined with the professionalism and expertise of its staff, create a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience for all clients.

    300 8th Ave, Ouray, CO 81427

    (970) 325-3255

  • Wiesbaden 温泉 & 水疗中心 outdoor poll with snow

    Wiesbaden 温泉 & 水疗中心

    The Wiesbaden 温泉 and 水疗中心 in Ouray, CO是一个历史悠久的温泉和度假胜地,已经吸引了100多年的游客. 度假村是一系列天然温泉的所在地,这些温泉经过精心开发,形成了一系列温度控制的浸泡池, as well as private and communal tubs. The mineral-rich water is believed to offer a range of health benefits, including relaxation, 缓解疼痛, and improved circulation. In addition to its hot springs, the resort also features a full-service spa that offers a range of massage, body, and facial treatments. 客人也可以在度假村的乡村小屋或历史悠久的威斯巴登酒店过夜. 威斯巴登温泉和水疗中心是一个必去的目的地,任何人寻求一个放松和振兴的经验,在圣胡安山脉的心脏.

    ​625 5th St | Ouray, 科罗拉多州 81427